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Guide To Play Handicap Throw-in Betting

Throw-ins are situations almost certain to happen in a football match. However, the way these situations unfold can be diverse and unpredictable. Hence, bookmakers offer handicap throw-in betting. Despite being a side bet, this type of bet is still worth paying attention to. Are you considering analyzing throw-in bets? Don't miss this soccer tips of the day if you want to improve your ability to predict bookmaker odds accurately.

What is Handicap Throw-in Betting?

Many articles explain what handicap throw-in betting is, but often, the content is convoluted and hard to understand. Let's listen to the top bookmakers today for the simplest answer.

Specifically, handicap throw-in betting involves predicting throw-in situations. A throw-in occurs when the ball goes out of bounds along the touchline of the field. At that moment, a player from one of the two teams is given the right to perform the throw-in in each specific case. From here, bookmakers can open bets predicting which team will throw-in first, the number of throw-ins, or betting on the team with more throw-ins, etc.

Although not a primary bet, handicap throw-in betting still attracts attention. The reason is that the number of throw-ins is truly difficult to predict and full of surprises. Therefore, the excitement and thrill of the bet are heightened, making it even more interesting!

Some Common Handicap Throw-in Bets

Handicap throw-in betting offers not just one but several types for players to choose from. Let's go through some of the most common throw-in bets available today.

First Team to Throw-in Bet

The first type to mention is betting on which team will perform the first throw-in. There are two betting options in this type: for the home team and for the away team. When analyzing bookmaker odds, you only need to choose one of the two betting options provided by the bookmaker.

If we calculate the probability for each option, it's almost 50-50 because in a match, contesting and pushing the ball out of bounds between the two teams are nearly equivalent. However, if there's a significant gap in class between the teams, you might favor the stronger team.

Over/Under Total Throw-ins Betting

You can also bet over/under on the total number of throw-ins. Specifically, we predict whether the total number of throw-ins will be higher or lower than a certain number. This type of bet is similar to over/under bets on goals scored, yellow cards, or corner kicks.

In over/under throw-ins betting, if the actual number of throw-ins is higher than the bookmaker's set number, the over bet wins; otherwise, the under bet wins. However, if the actual total number of throw-ins is exactly the same as the bookmaker's set number, the bettor gets their stake back.

Handicap Throw-in Bet

In this type of bet, you bet on the team with more throw-ins. Moreover, remember that only valid throw-ins count for this bet. Thus, bettors can win, win half, or draw depending on the number of throw-ins, just like handicap bets on match outcomes.

Understanding these types of handicap throw-in bets can enhance your football betting experience and potentially increase your chances of winning.

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Counting Corner Kicks in Betting

Not all corner kicks taken are considered in the betting result. That's why you need to understand how the count of corner kicks is accurately done. Specifically, corner kicks taken during extra time or stoppage time are not counted. However, if the team taking the corner kick commits a foul, both the foul and the retaken kick may be counted.

It's evident that predicting the number of corner kick situations is not as simple as many people think. You need knowledge, experience, and, most importantly, to find a reputable bookmaker to analyze odds quickly and bet confidently.

Key Points to Know When Betting on Corner Kicks

If you choose to bet on corner kicks, there are certain key points you must know. Failing to utilize them might make you regret missing out on winning opportunities.

Firstly, pay attention to choosing suitable bets. With corner kick bets, you can choose bets for the first half, second half, or full match.

Secondly, if you bet on the team to take the first corner kick, it's considered a full match bet. This bet will be settled as soon as the first corner kick is awarded. If you choose this bet, you can be assured of a quick outcome, as nearly 100% of matches feature at least one corner kick.

Corner Kick Betting Tips You Can Easily Apply

Understanding the basics of betting and placing bets is not enough; here are some additional tips to enhance your betting effectiveness.

Firstly, before placing a bet, study the playing style of both teams. Specifically, observe how they attack and identify whether there are tendencies for plays to go wide or contests on the flanks. If so, then the number of corner kicks in the upcoming match will likely be high. Typically, teams with good ball control tend to take fewer corner kicks compared to teams with a wing-focused attacking style. Understanding the playing style will also help you predict which team is likely to take the first corner kick.

While watching the match, remain objective and alert. Avoid relying too much on personal intuition for betting. If you watch the game with a rational mindset, understanding which team is in possession and their capabilities will lead to more accurate corner kick predictions.

If you notice that the match is fast-paced, with both teams attacking fiercely, then the number of corner kicks will undoubtedly increase. This is because continuous attacking leads to more chances created. Consequently, defensive clearances will often result in corner kicks.

Lastly, don't assume that the stronger team will have more corner kicks than the weaker team. That's a subjective assumption. You need to base your bets on the actual match dynamics for accurate predictions.


Wintips has just explored corner kick handicap betting with you. We hope the knowledge football tips site and experience we've summarized will be useful to you. Remember to choose a quality bookmaker before placing your bets. Wintips is here for you if you need further assistance, sharing the most interesting insights about the football world and betting.


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