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Squad Skates accepts return & exchange under the following conditions:

  1. Exchange requested must be reported within 7 days upon receiving the package.

  2. Customer must e-mail the electronic receipt as proof of payment.

  3. Items and the box packaging must be good and original condition. Skates used on concrete floor already will not be honored for exchange. When fitting your skates, please do so on a yoga mat or a carpeted floor initially.

  4. Proven factory defect (with no alteration made to the item).


How to Return an Item:

  1. Item to be returned must be well packaged. No packaging tape or stickers must be placed directly in the colored box.

  2. Customer will shoulder for the return costs to our head office in Quezon City. We will be responsible for re-delivering the items if the item has a proven factory defect.

  3. Please check the condition of the product to be returned if it qualifies for the “return and exchange”terms #3 above.

  4. Send the items in our postage address with an external box, or bubble wrapped 3 layers, which will be e-mailed to you once your case is reported.



a. Customer’s sudden change of mind, and yet, item bought is in good working condition.

b. Defects were found to be caused by customer’s misuse or mishandling of item.

SOURCE: “Prohibition of No Return, No Exchange Policy” Title III, Chapter 1, Rule 2, Section

7 DAO of 1993, R.A. 7394 “The Consumer Act of the Philippines”


For more information and assistance, please e-mail your concerns at

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