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What is Handicap Betting? Sharing Effective Strategies for Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is one of the most intriguing types of bets in football betting. This type of bet comes with distinct characteristics, different from regular bets such as Asian Handicap, 1×2 odds, etc. So, what exactly is handicap betting? How can one effectively approach handicap betting in football? Let’s delve into the details on this betting strategy below.

Understanding the Definition of Handicap Betting:

Handicap betting is a term used in sports betting, where the bettor selects one or more outcomes with high accuracy according to their prediction. Alternatively, they may choose the most advantageous odds to place their bets.

In football betting, handicap betting appears in matches from major tournaments like Euro, Premier League, Champions League, etc. This type of bet has a rather special nature; players don’t wager on the final outcome of a match but instead bet on specific events within the match.

In essence, this type of bet is quite similar to accumulator bets. Nowadays, many football betting sites offer this type of bet with extremely high odds, attracting a large number of players. However, it's not an easy bet to play. Therefore, players need to carefully evaluate, research, and analyze the odds to make accurate selections.

Potential Returns in Handicap Betting in Football:

There isn’t a specific figure to determine the winning rate in handicap betting. Instead, the betting odds depend on the event chosen by the bettor. Generally, events with higher probabilities have lower betting odds.

Now, let’s explore how to calculate handicap betting odds based on Asian Handicap and European Handicap odds.

Calculating Asian Handicap Betting Odds:

For Asian Handicap bets, the odds are calculated based on Asian Handicap (Asian odds). These odds are quite unique and are commonly used at Asian bookmakers. Asian Handicap odds are usually represented as decimals or integers. The amount won depends on the amount of money wagered. To better understand, let’s consider the following example:

Example: Today, you choose the handicap bet in the match between PSG and Man City. The provided odds by the bookmaker are PSG with odds of 0.89, and Man City with odds of 1.0 for the first half. For the full 90 minutes, PSG has odds of 1.04, and Man City has odds of 0.9. If you decide to bet 300,000 VND on Man City winning the first half, and they win, you would win 1,000,000 VND. If Man City loses, you lose your entire bet. In the case of a draw, you get your stake back.

Calculating European Handicap Betting Odds:

For European Handicap bets, the odds are calculated based on European Handicap odds, which can be complex for newcomers. Therefore, it’s essential to understand how to calculate them to avoid confusion. In this type of bet, there are typically three options to choose from: Win – Draw – Lose. Thus, the winning odds are evenly distributed among these options, each having approximately a 33.33% chance. Let’s illustrate with an example:

Example: In the match between Man City and PSG, if you bet on three outcomes: Man City wins, PSG wins, or the match ends in a draw, the corresponding odds provided by the bookmaker are:

Man City wins with odds of 4.4

PSG wins with odds of 7.8

Draw with odds of 5.0

Effective Strategies for Handicap Betting in Football:

To increase your chances of winning in handicap betting, you need a clear strategy. Besides, you must apply analytical skills to assess relevant match information to make more accurate betting decisions.

Choosing Handicap Bets Based on Odds Movement:

One of the strategies for choosing handicap bets is based on odds movement. Typically, if an event is heavily bet upon, the bookmaker toolbetting betting odds will decrease, and conversely, if fewer people bet on an event, the odds will increase. If you notice odds increasing for a particular event, it's an indication that the event is likely to occur.

To choose handicap bets based on odds movement, you need to follow match-related information such as team line-ups, recent performance, or injury status of players. Additionally, understanding match conditions like weather, venue, or coach strategies can provide a basis for making more accurate handicap bet selections.

Playing Handicap Bets Effectively in Football:

Avoid Betting Based Solely on Crowd Effect:

Practical experience shows that following the crowd isn't always accurate. According to professional bettors, when betting on football online, you must be alert to the numbers and the crowd effect. The numbers provided by bookmakers are merely reference points and can sometimes be traps set by bookmakers to deceive players.

Moreover, if too many people bet on one side, the betting odds will decrease. Therefore, you should only place bets based on the information you have researched, never blindly follow the crowd.

Choosing Handicap Bets Based on Real-Time Situations:

Another effective strategy for successful handicap betting is to base your decisions on real-time match situations. This means you need to monitor the match and make decisions based on what is happening on the field. To apply this playing method, you must understand the two teams you are betting on and closely follow the match throughout.

For instance, if in the first half of the match between Germany and France, Germany scores the opening goal, you might consider betting on Germany winning the match.

In conclusion, this article has provided insights into what handicap betting is, the potential returns, and shared strategies to make more accurate handicap betting selections. Hopefully, this information enhances your knowledge of another type of bet in football betting.


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