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Football Betting: The Hottest Types of Bets in 2023

Football betting is the practice of placing bets on the outcome of a football match.

Typically, bookmakers offer odds for each team participating in the match.

If you're a seasoned football bettor, you're likely familiar with the concept of football betting. However, for newcomers to this game, understanding what it entails and the various types of common bets can be confusing. In this article, we'll delve into the most informative details about football betting, including why you should consider participating in soccer prediction this weekend.

The Most Popular Types of Football Bets Today

Football betting involves placing bets with bookmakers and determining who wins or loses based on the chosen odds. Betting odds represent the ratio of bets placed on a match between two teams, and bettors participate by placing their bets accordingly.

Currently, there are many different types of football betting odds, so newcomers need to research, analyze, gather information, and read accurate football betting odds to make the most sensible choices. Let's explore the most popular types of football bets available at Vn88.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is a familiar type of bet for professional football bettors. Originating from Asian countries, this type of top 5 soccer prediction sites is easy to understand. In Asian handicap betting, players must place bets in advance, with no draw option available, as there will be a clear winner or loser in Asian handicap betting.

Asian handicap betting is essentially a handicap bet. Particularly when the balance of power between two teams is uneven, the weaker team will have to accept fewer goals to balance the playing field.

Handicap betting is only valid for the 90 minutes of play, including but not limited to injury time during the match. Bookmakers will offer Asian odds for the first half, second half, or extra time.

European Handicap Betting

When it comes to European handicap betting, the 1 × 2 odds are used by bookmakers to determine the strength differences between teams. This type of bet is favored by bookmakers. Participants need to have in-depth skills and knowledge about how to place this 1 × 2 bet to predict the outcome of the match. Specifically:

1 represents placing a bet on the home team. 2 Represents placing a bet on the away team. X represents placing a bet on a draw between the two teams.

With this type of betting, bookmakers will receive different bonuses based on the strength of each team in the game. Additionally, this type of betting is considered easy to play.

Over/Under Betting

Over/Under, or O/U, betting is popular in football. Bookmakers may set specific numbers for this type of betting. Participants bet on these numbers in the game. Over/Under betting involves making decisions based on the total number of goals scored in a football match. Specifically:

If you believe that the total number of goals in the match will exceed the bookmaker's odds, you would choose Over. If you believe that the total number of goals will be lower than the bookmaker's odds, you would choose Under. If the total number of goals in the match equals the number set by the bookmaker, the result will be a draw.

Yellow Card Betting

Yellow card betting is a type of bet in football where players place bets on the number of yellow cards awarded to players in a football match. Participants can bet on the total number of yellow cards issued throughout the match or only on the number of yellow cards for a specific team.

The odds are based on the bookmaker's assessment of the referee's likelihood of issuing cards, reflecting a deep analysis of the relationship between the two teams and information about each team's playing style. Yellow card betting is a popular form of football betting favored by many enthusiasts.

Corner Kick Betting

Corner kick betting is a type of football bet where players bet on the number of corner kicks awarded in a football match. Participants can bet on the total number of corner kicks in the entire match or only on the number of corner kicks for a specific team.

Why Choose Football Betting at Vn88

Here are some reasons why Vn88 is the top choice for many betting enthusiasts, especially for football betting:

A wide variety of online football betting options: Asian Handicap (HDP), European Handicap (1 × 2), Over/Under (O/U) for football enthusiasts to choose from. Major tournaments and championships: Whether it's the World Cup, Premier League, La Liga, AFC Asia, Southeast Asian Sea Games, or other domestic or international events, Vn88 covers them all. High betting odds: Vn88 provides the best initial odds table and the highest betting odds in the market. The payout for these matches is higher compared to other football betting sites in the market. Fast payout of football betting rewards. You'll be surprised that Vn88 pays out winning bets within just 30 seconds after the match has an official result. Moreover, when you join Vn88, you'll have access to numerous attractive promotional offers.


There are many exciting aspects to playing professional football tips Therefore, don't hesitate to register for a membership account today to participate and enjoy a plethora of ongoing promotional programs. We sincerely wish you all the best and hope you'll have a thrilling entertainment experience with this form of football betting.


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