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Chaser Advanced Protectors-Black

Chaser Advanced Protectors-Black

SKU: 815110001129

When you're a beginner in skateboarding, scooter, or biking, a little protection goes a long way to add confidence during your rides. The Chaser Advanced Protectors will keep any injuries at bay with its remarkable cushioning of the joints. Wear a set and keep on improving your skills, while worrying less about getting hurt!


Product Details:


  • Recommended for kids Ages 5+ to Adults 55 kg. or less
  • Material: Plastic Nylon Material
  • 2 Knee pads + 2 Elbow pads + 2 Wristguards in Plastic Nylon Material
  • Anti-loose full elastic band
  • Designed with hook and loop fasteners for perfectly fit
  • For bike, skate, roller skates, skateboarding, scooters
  • Protects knees, elbows, and wrist from injury
  • Easy to wear
  • Packing in mesh bag


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