Zodiac Cat Toe Stops - Bubblegum Pink

Zodiac Cat Toe Stops - Bubblegum Pink

It doesn't matter if you're a cat or a dog person, the important thing here is that there are cat toe stops for your skates! Out with the plain and boring color and shape that came stock with your skates and in comes these so-cute-you-almost-don't-wanna-ruin-it toe stops! These toe stops are specifically on the shorter length stem at 20mm and the toe stops at 30mm so they're not too long or too thick to use for activities like jam skating for those that still want an actual toe stop instead of jam plugs.


At 20mm, they can be adjusted to a perfect length to use for rinks, the streets or ramps! These toe stops are made from high quality rubber compound with an aluminum alloy and standard 5/8" threaded stems that fit most skates with adjustable toe stops! They are great for all kinds of surfaces and we made the toe stops durable so they can last you a really long time!


These cat toe stops are proudly designed by Zodiac Skates.

Product Details:

  • "CHESHIRE" Cat Toe Stops
  • Color: Bubblegum Pink
  • Stem Length: 20mm
  • Thread: 5/8" Standard (Imperial) thread
  • Size: 47.6mm diameter and 30mm thickness
  • Includes a pair of cat toe stops. (2 pieces)

Please note that these are only for skates with adjustable toe stops and STANDARD thread. These will not work on Moxi Rainbow Riders or any toe stops that use METRIC threads.

These are also not compatible with roller skates with bolt on toe stops like Impalas, Shopee and Lazada skates.