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Guide to play 0 handicap in football betting

What is a 0 handicap in football? How do you play the 0 handicap in football? Lack of knowledge about this type of bet can leave you uncertain about your choice. But don't worry, everything you need accurate soccer tips will be clearly and accurately summarized by Wintips in the article below!

Explaining the 0 handicap in football

The 0 handicap, also known as the level-ball handicap or the draw-win handicap, is one of the most popular types of Asian handicap bets. Simply put, the level-ball handicap means neither team is given an advantage.

For instance, in a match between Team A and Team B, if a player places a bet on Team A, they win if Team A wins by any score, lose if Team A loses by any score, and the bet is a draw if the match ends in a tie. The outcome of the bet is entirely determined by the match's final score.

Typically, the 0 handicap in football is applied to matches where the chance of winning is nearly 50/50 for each team. This is based on factors such as home field advantage, team performance, form, etc. Below, Wintips will provide specific examples to help you understand this type of bet more clearly.

Example of the 0 handicap in football for a better understanding

Here are two examples to illustrate the 0 handicap in football more clearly.

Example 1 of the 0 handicap in football

In the first example, a match is played between the home team Udinese and the away team Fiorentina. For this match, the bookmaker sets the level-ball handicap with odds for the away team at 0.77 and odds for the home team at 0.84. If a player bets $100 on the home team Udinese:

If the home team loses by any score, the player loses the bet, losing $84 (100$ x 0.84).

If the home team wins by any score, the player wins the bet, receiving $200 (100$ + 100$).

Example 2 of the 0 handicap in football

In this example, a match in the Bundesliga is played between the home team Union Berlin and the away team Wolfsburg. The bookmaker sets the level-ball handicap with roughly equal odds for each team. This is a classic scenario for a match where both teams are evenly matched, and the chance of winning is nearly the same.

Let's say a player bets $100 on the away team Wolfsburg. If Wolfsburg wins the match by any score, the player wins the bet and receives a total of $197 (100$ + 100$ x 0.97, including the original stake).

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Experience in betting on 0 handicap in football

The draw handicap in betting is considered to be matches that are difficult to predict because the strength and power between the two teams are not significantly different. In such matches, the home team will have a fairly important advantage, which is the home ground - a factor that directly influences the final result of the match.

In addition, there is an experience that seasoned players often use, which is not to bet too early but to gather information about the players, the lineup of each team.

Therefore, in the first 10-15 minutes, players observe the match to see which team starts better and creates more obvious scoring opportunities. With such observation, players will have a more accurate and comprehensive view to choose the investment option, instead of making risky decisions hastily.

The experiences mentioned above will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Asian handicap betting and optimize your chances of winning in football betting. Always control your bets, be meticulous in analysis, and choose reputable bookmakers for the best betting experience.

Prioritize Asian Handicap Betting for Home Teams: Tips and Key Considerations

Emphasize Home Teams in Asian Handicap Betting:

Home Ground Advantage: In Asian handicap betting, the home ground is a decisive factor. The home team will benefit from playing conditions, support from the crowd, and enabling players to perform at their best. Prioritizing the home team is a sensible decision.

Benefit from Initial Odds:

Seize the First Goal: When the home team scores the first goal, the odds often change. The away team usually receives a ¼ handicap. Your chances of winning the bet will increase if you bet on the home team when the initial odds are in play.

Bet on Teams in Good Form:

Analyze Performance Consistency: For Asian handicap betting, choosing a team with stable performance is crucial. Consider betting on a team with a good track record and a high ranking in the league table to enhance your winning chances.

Experience in Asian Handicap Betting:

Pay Attention to Team Information: Gather detailed information about the teams, such as current form, head-to-head history, injured players, and home/away performance history. This information helps make more accurate betting decisions.

The above article is a compilation of sports news, examples, and experiences in football tips website on 0 handicap in football. Hopefully, with these shares, players can understand and apply them to matches in the shortest time possible. Wish you luck and win attractive rewards.


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